03 July 2012

Bento Series BreakTime #2: Cafeteria food

Photo taken by Rei -- thanks!
Today I ordered "ume oroshi hanbaagu," hamburger with Japanese pickle
sauce (294 yen). The pickle sauce was actually quite nice. The dish came with
french fries and an okra and radish garnish. Ate it with the usual
suspects: M-size gohan (rice), annin doufu (almond jelly, 84 yen), and hot tea (free, drink-all-you-can).

Oh, and have I mentioned? I asked a Japanese colleague if annin doufu is a traditional Japanese food, and he said it's Chinese. I then asked my Chinese colleagues about it and they said it's Japanese. I think it's Chinese in origin, and maybe this one is now a Japanized version. So I think they're all correct, one way or another.

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