22 July 2012

Bento Series #14: Bacon & Chili Pesto Spaghetti

The picture says it all. 398 yen, and it's not exactly the typical pesto. I don't really know what kind of pasta recipe this is. And yep, bacon here is a little bit different; looks more like ham in color and texture and only bacon in shape, but still yummy nonetheless. And well here, in pasta dishes, they might call chilis like the Italians call them: peperoncino (pronounced pepperonchino). Did you know? The word "pepperoni" that we know from American English actually refers to some peppers (like red bell peppers) in Italian. The yummy pizza topping that we in the US and in the Philippines call "pepperoni" actually translates to something that means spicy sausage in Italian. And did you know? Here in Japan, green bell peppers are called piiman and red/orange/yellow bell peppers are called papurika (paprika).

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