19 July 2012

Bento Series Breaktime #10?: Cafeteria Katsu Karee

Literally, "Japanese curry rice with pork cutlets," this one is an L-size serving for 441 yen. The curry itself has the usual beef, potato, and carrot bits, and served with pickled radish. It's not so spicy so I sprinkled some crushed chilis on it. It became a little cooler tonight so I had me some free all-you-can-drink hot tea this time, but as usual I didn't miss out on the almond jelly with orange slices for dessert. Notice that I ate the curry with a spoon - this is the Japanese way of eating Japanese curry. No chopsticks, although technically this is easier to eat with chopsticks than Katsudon where the rice becomes soggy because of the "egg sauce." In the same way, I always make it a point to eat Japanese or Chinese food with chopsticks because I feel like they taste better when eaten with chopsticks. But did you know? The standard Korean way of eating rice is with a spoon. Everything else are with Korean-style chopsticks. Oh and Japanese chopsticks are pointier and Korean ones are flatter than Chinese chopsticks. In the Philippines, I think most chopsticks there are Chinese-style, even ones in many Japanese restaurants.

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