30 July 2012

Bento Series BreakTime #17: McDonald's Le Grand Sausage sandwich

Sorry for the blurry photo!

780 yen for an "L" set (with large fries and drink), this is a special limited edition burger sandwich at McDonald's here in Japan. They have a couple of other limited edition sandwiches which I hope to try as well soon.

The Le Grand (pronounced "Lu Gran") Sausage sandwich has one huge meat patty, a thick slice of pastrami, lettuce, and mustard, all sandwiched in muffin-like buns. Pretty interesting, though I'm not really a fan of pastrami/salami sandwiches.

By the way, I've met here some people who think hamburger means sandwich using buns. When we ate ham/pastrami/salami/shrimp/fish sandwiches that used buns similar to, say, McDonald's burger buns, they referred to them as hamburgers. I tried to correct them, but, they just look at me as some lesser human from some lesser country, and never to be trusted in stuff related to cultures outside my own. They are not Japanese by the way. The Japanese call burgers (the meat patty) as "burger," "hamburger," or simply "hamburg." ("baagaa," "hanbaagaa," "hanbaag") Sometimes they would eat burger (patties) with rice, so you know they got "burger" right. Oh, except that burgers here usually have pork or is purely made from pork, unless explicitly stated as 100% beef (McDonald's being one example).

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