31 July 2012

Bento Series BreakTime #19: Cafeteria curry flavor #3

Today, the school cafeteria had on its menu "Kanazawa sauce katsu curry," or Kanazawa-style Japanese curry with chicken cutlets. I noticed the chicken cutlets looked small so I got me a bowl of 3 pieces of karaage (Japanese-style fried breaded chicken bits/nuggets). Together with the spinach, this all cost me a whopping 640 yen and over 1200 calories. Pushed it all down with free drink-all-you-can tea as always.

Kanazawa by the way is a city on the western coastline of Japan, on the opposite side from Tokyo. Just to remind you, the first curry flavor is the standard, everyday Japanese-style curry that's always on the menu. The second curry flavor I tried at the cafeteria was the Keema curry. That makes this Kanazawa curry the 3rd flavor I have tried at the cafeteria. The sauce is much darker than the standard curry flavor, almost like dark chocolate brown in color, and I feel like they used some beans (maybe brown or black beans?) in it that gave it the color and texture. But that I am not very sure of.

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