17 July 2012

Very bad, very hot, second day of summer

Here, men with fans is commonplace. Image from  House of Japan.
36 degrees Celsius (97 degrees Fahrenheit). That already says it all.

Problem though is, there's a sort of energy crisis because of last year's big earthquake and tsunami. So the government says air-conditioners should be set to 28 degrees and not any lower. Translation: nevermind if it's still actually 36 degrees indoors and there is not enough ventilation / air movement; you can't adjust the air-conditioner any cooler to make it more comfortable.

It still isn't as hot as 2 years ago when it went up to as high as 38 degrees. As if 2 degrees makes a difference, right? But we have yet to reach the middle of summer. We'll see if we'll reach 38 degrees again or higher this year.

To top it all, 36 or 38 degrees are just reported temperatures. Because of the humidity, it actually feels around 4 to 8 degrees warmer.

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