11 August 2012

Bento #36: "Kissaten fuu no Naporitan"

Napolitan (spaghetti), coffee-shop-style. (Kissaten = coffee shop; ~fuu = ~style, although the same kanji and sound also means "wind" in some instances, such as fuudo = wind tunnel) 360 yen and yummy from 3F. The spaghetti sauce is probably a little sweet, but it was perfect for me. I honestly just love tomato-based spaghetti sauce. It came with some eggs, ham, mushrooms, and onions. Also had cucumbers (190 yen) that surprisingly complement it very well. The cucumbers are salted, possibly lightly-pickled, sprinkled with some white sesame seeds, and also doused with a few chili flakes but it's far from spicy. Overall, it was perfect, and in fact makes for a good (but expensive) snack by itself. The Japanese could and would eat "pasuta" (pasta / Italian noodles, which most often means spaghetti) with chopsticks, but they of course know how to use and actually use forks as well. When I ordered these, I was given a choice whether I wanted chopsticks ("hashi") or a fork ("fooku"). Honestly, I don't mind eating spaghetti with chopsticks.

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