03 August 2012

Bento BreakTime #22: O.M.G. Burgers, finally! (Photos)

I've been wanting to go visit O.M.G. Burgers for a long time now, but it's about a 45-minute, 4.5-mile, 7.24-km bike ride from school, plus there's a lot of steep slopes and rolling terrain along the way. And then you have to go back the same way. It's actually outside of Atsugi already; it's in the neighboring Aikawa City.

Obviously, burgers are their specialty, and they even have a 12-inch burger which you should pre-order a day early before going there. You can check out their menu below.

Anyways, thanks to friends (let's just call them GRRC) who were on their way to the "LTO" (Land Transportation Office / vehicle registration center) which was just a couple of blocks from OMGB, they passed by for me and we went there by car for lunch.

Their very basic burger, the Standard OMG Burger, is just 900 yen for a 7-inch and 800 yen for a 5-inch patty, with fries and free-refills drinks. Compare that to nearly 800 yen for a quarter pounder with cheese with large fries and large drink at McDonald's, it's a really good deal. Their burgers are yummy. Oh and since this is American-owned (as is McDonald's), it's an all-beef burger by default. No pork here, except maybe for some bacon included in some burgers including the Standard OMG, and in their hotdogs.

Did I say it was really delicious? I'll be coming back for more. I'll probably try the teriyaki burger next time and order the chicken salad. And maybe have a cold San Miguel as well. :D

Once you see the American flag, turn left on that street to get to the parking behind the store.

In Nihongo, they don't have plural, so "burgers" becomes "burger."
O.M.G. Burger itself reads "Oh mai gah baagaa!!" in Nihongo.

Their menu in English. "Eigo no menyu."

They have a lot of markers (or "Pentel Pens" as we call them in the Philippines) and you can make your mark (pun intended) on almost anywhere inside the restaurant. Well, maybe except the plates, tumblers, menus, and so on.
Once you've made your choice, head on over to the counter to order. Can you spot the San Miguel?

There is a ton of stuff on the walls and on the ceiling. T-shirts, business cards, photos, ...

…, signed bank notes, car registration plates, more marker graffiti, and so on.
Does anything look familiar in this photo?

I got the 7-inch one. Comes with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.
Not so much fries, but just the right amount, I think. And drinks with free refills.

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