26 August 2012

Bento BreakTime #31: "Italian Burger" at Dom-Dom

Hey look, it's a larger-than-usual-in-Japan
Coke tumbler! They call it "MEGA" size.
You add 30 yen to upgrade your "S" size
drink in your set meal to "L" size, but
for just 20 yen more, you can get the
"MEGA" size.

But hey, look! They care about you. They
don't fill the tumbler to the brim because
they know Coke is bad for you. :P
And they even put enough ice there for you
because Coke is just better ice cold, right?
Well, this is also almost always the case
too in the Philippines and maybe
in the whole of Asia so, it's not really
shocking to me.

I ordered Karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken, but this one
is not so much J-style and it's more like the BK Tenders)
again, but this time I tried the tartar sauce, which was way
better than the mayo-teriyaki sauce I got previously.

This is the Italian Burger ("Itarian Baagaa"). It was delish.
Lots of lettuce, a small patty - that I just found out they use
100% beef - and this tomato-based sauce that was just
so appealing to my palate (I like tomato-based "red"
pasta sauces more than the "white" creamy sauces).

The basic set meal was 540 yen, but together
with the karaage and MEGA upgrade, it
all cost me 880 yen. Yikes!
But it was yummy. :D

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