26 August 2012

Bento BreakTime #32 and #33: Sunday dinner

I saw these frankfurters at the supermarket and could not resist.
88 yen each piece. I got a "smoked" one, and a smoked
and spicy one. There was a "non-smoked" version but it didn't
look appealing. The spicy one is really on the spicy side - you
can see red juice come out of the inside, as if they infused
it with Tabasco sauce (which I like, by the way). Overall, the
smoked franks ("sumooku furanku") are yummy, but surprisingly their
skin was crunchy like weiners. Together with two packs of 200g
instant rice, and some lettuce with ceasar dressing, parmesan
cheese, and some black pepper sprinkles, it was a very good
meal, all for just under 400 yen.

I like ice cream especially when it's hot and I saw these.
I can read "ichigo shibure," but it's just "ichigo"
that I understand - strawberry, and it's quite obvious from
the color of the packaging. But what I didn't know is that
this isn't ice cream. It's (strawberry-)flavored shaved ice,
with a cream topping (that if stored in the freezer would
become like ice cream). Not what I expected. It was also
a little bit on the too sweet side. 390 yen for a 6 pack. I
wouldn't buy these again.

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