01 August 2012

Bento Series BreakTime #20: Yayoiken Breakfast

Yayoiken is a restaurant that's just a little bit better looking than the usual Yoshinoya, Sukiya, or Matsuya. Like many places here, you pay for your order at a vending machine right by the entrance. The prices are also just a little bit more expensive by about 200 yen, maybe. We usually eat at Yayoiken because they have eat-all-you-can rice and pickled radish. But for breakfast, they have really cheap offerings like the two above.

The first is what I actually had; it's a "Western-infused" breakfast with two wieners and a half-cooked egg, salad with (thousand island?) dressing, miso soup, some nori, the rice of course, and cold/dessert tofu. This was 420 yen. It was yummy and overall, after two additional servings of rice, I felt quite full. For 420 yen, that's not bad. I didn't have lunch anymore as we ate at around 10am.

My friend had the more traditional Japanese breakfast: natto (fermented soy beans) and raw egg (with some soy sauce) instead of the wieners, salad, and half-cooked egg in my breakfast. This was only 350 yen, but I doubt I'd have felt just as full after having this for breakfast, compared to what I had.

I should have taken a photo of the interiors, but anyway, it was a far cry and way better compared to those of Sukiya, and other similar places. But yeah, you can get 250 yen breakfast sets at those other places. If you're a big person like me, that 250 yen breakfast though would leave you wanting to order another one, so Yayoiken is definitely the better alternative.

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