09 September 2012

Bento #49: Bunch of fried stuff bento

Alright. This is my last bento before I go pay a visit to my motherland. I've long tried to avoid bento with salmon, because I've had bad experience with them. I think it's only if you get unlucky and get one that's been out there on the konbini display shelves for a while already, and the salmon tastes a bit fishy/oily. But also because the salmon still has bones! Like this one did. But thankfully, it wasn't fishy/oily at all. Otherwise, I love salmon. This is another packed one. You can see the rice has been "sliced" into 10 rolls, sprinkled with black sesame seed, and topped with "divine protection" in the form of a plum. There's the salmon - baked, maybe? And an ebi (shrimp) tempura. There's an okonomiyaki-like deep-fried thing. Half a weiner. A small pork hamburger patty. Rolled egg. Lotus roots and carrots salad, and some seaweeds on the side. Only 398 yen! From 3F; where else. The quantity was not enough, though, so actually I got me a bowl of pasta to complement this meal. :)

Anyway, like I said, while on a 2-week hiatus in my home country, I hope to visit some Japanese or Japanese-themed restaurants back there and post my "bento" from those joints. Meanwhile, check out the rest of The Japan! Japan! Blog. I was here for 2 months in 2005, so I have stuff written during that time. I came back here in 2010, from whence I started blogging yet again. Until next time, I'll see you guys around.