28 September 2012

Bento! #83 - Negi Shio Karaage Don

Or ネギ塩唐揚げ丼 in Kanji. My first Japanese meal back in Japan. Negi = onions, but more specifically, spring onions / green onions / leeks. Shio = salt. Karaage = Japanese-style fried chicken bits. Don = short for donburi, or bowl, where in this case it signifies that this is a rice bowl meal with topping (i.e. the chicken). For "L" size rice, this is 441 yen at the school cafeteria. And it was delish.

By the way, I just decided to merge my "Bento" and "Bento Breaktime" series into one "Bento!" series, and thus we are now at series number 83. Makes for easier blog posting. :D  Let's get fatter in Japan again, shall we? Hehe. :-)

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