10 October 2012

Bento! #102: Yan-nyomu Chikin

Apparently there's this アジアンフェアー (ajian feaa / Asian Fair) at the cafeteria starting this week, that's why there was that Korean bulgogi dish I had earlier. And yep, you heard that right. In Japan, they refer to Asia as Ajia (pronounced ah-gee-ah), which I believe comes from the Dutch word Azië. For this "Asian Fair," they are featuring 4 dishes, two of which are Korean. Tonight, I had 今週のおすすめ / konshuu no osusume / this week's recommendation, Yannyomu Chikin (ヤンニョムチキン, or Yangnyeom Chicken) which apparently means "fried chicken" or "seasoned chicken" in Korean. But here, basically it's karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken bits) dipped in Yangnyeom sauce, and placed on a bed of lettuce. It's 294 yen, but with "L" size rice and my usual annin doufu (almond jelly) dessert, this was totally 525 yen.

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