14 October 2012

Bento! #104: Premium Kuro Burger @BurgerKing - Finally!

Waiting for my burger and fries. The 黒バーガー (Kuro/black burger)
set meal comes with "M" sized fries and free "M" sized Coke Zero
 - which as you know comes with a label that is also mostly in black - for 790 yen.
The burger uses "bamboo charcoal" to make the bun black, plus a "black
ketchup," made from squid ink and garlic. You can probably see in the
illustration of the burger the black sauce.

My Kuro Burger arrives. I was surprised that it was just a small burger.
I thought it would be a special version of the Whopper. Writing this blog
article 4 hours later, I feel hungry already.

A first glimpse of the black bun burger.

After a few bites. There's lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise and that
"black ketchup" thing.

The whole set (fries just arrived). I actually got an "L" set, that is totally 860
yen, if I remember correctly.

The verdict? It's not something I'd eat again - because charcoal is bad for you. Even if it's from bamboo. And I really would have wanted a Whopper version of this instead. Taste-wise, I almost didn't notice the difference between this and a regular BK burger like a Whopper Jr (which is essentially this burger minus the black buns and black sauce and mayo). But, I was probably just really hungry.

Useless fact: It's Burger King's 5th anniversary in Japan this weekend.

Interesting fact: This is not the very first black burger. Early this year there was The Darth Vader Burger. But, you can say that this only validates claims made by some that black buns are the new "in" thing in the fast food industry today.

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