17 October 2012

Bento! #107: Miito Soosu

294 yen miito sauce / ミートソース / meat sauce (spaghetti) plus
144 yen of "buffet" food from the school cafeteria (consisting of a (pork)
burger patty, lettuce, and a cherry tomato) = 438 yen in total.

I was hoping the "buffet" cafeteria had Italian Dressing, but I had to settle for Thousand Island Dressing instead. The meat sauce didn't have so much meat, but it did have some small carrot cubes. As a meal, I would consider this as Japanese-style non-Japanese food; i.e. the Japanese wouldn't consider this as Japanese, but people from other countries might look at this as being distinctly Japanese in taste. Confusing? I've already told you about this, but I had this Italian friend who consider the "Italian" food in the US as being "American-style Italian food," and the "Italian" food in Japan as being "the Japanese version of American-style Italian food." Whoops, sorry if I confused you guys even more. :D But to tell you the truth, typical spaghetti dishes at non-Italian (or non-American-style-Italian) restaurants in the Philippines (e.g. Jollibee, McDonald's, KFC - yes, McDonald's and KFC in the Philippines have both spaghetti and fried chicken) and I'm sure in many other countries around Asia might taste the same. Oh, but here in Japan, most of the time, they refer to spaghetti simply as pasta (pasuta / パスター).

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