17 October 2012

Bento! #108: Hinai Djidori Tsukune Don

比内地鶏つくね丼. Hinai-style chicken meatball rice bowl. 441 yen for an "L" size. With just 5 small chicken balls, this is a little bit expensive if you ask me. I then ordered an additional 唐揚げ3こ / karaage san ko / 3 pieces of Japanese-style fried chicken bits, for 126 yen. The donburi came with eggs, nori (seaweed, same as that in sushi) shreds, carrots, and onions in a sweet-salty (maybe soy-sauce-based) sauce. With what is seemingly the dessert of the month (mango pudding / mangoo purin), my dinner was 672 yen in total. Takai! (Expensive!)  Hinai, by the way, is a town in Akita prefecture, more than 600 km away from Atsugi.

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