23 October 2012

Bento! #118: Kita Indo Fuu Chikin Karee

Kita = 北 = north. Indo = インド = India. Fuu = 風 = style (this can also be read as kaze; i.e. wind). Chikin = チキン = chicken. Karee = カレー = curry.

480 yen from 3F. You're really paying for the sauce, which looks (and tasted) like some yogurt was mixed in. Because the chicken - well let's just say I can pick them all up and put them all in my mouth at the same time. The rice is infused with butter. Because this is curry (and well how else do you take in the sauce?), it comes with a spoon. But of course, it's really more like North Indian-style Japanese curry. The pickled radish to the left of the photos, as well as the shishitou / ししとう / not-so-spicy Japanese green chili instead of really spicy red chilis gives it that Japanese touch. I loved the sauce, though. It's not like the Indian curry sauces I've tasted in India, but it has that Indian taste; i.e. different from the default Japanese curry.

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