29 October 2012

Bento! #130: Demi Hanbaagu

デミハンバーグ。Need I say more about demi-glazed sauce and burgers here? Hehe. Anyway, this one's pretty good actually - or I'm turning Japanese. The demi soosu has some mushrooms in it - as well as some pork! Not to mention the unusually thick burger patty, made mostly of pork. Comes with a piece of broccoli, and cold fries. 294 yen. Burgers here, they also call them "Hamburg" but I think it's just short for hamburger (patty) much like BLT is short for bacon, lettuce and tomato. I got this with M-size rice and some okra, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and half an egg from the salad bar. The whole meal is just 498 yen in total.

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