31 October 2012

Bento! #132: Kakiage Udon

304 yen from the school cafeteria, plus 63 yen to get the "L" size. Sounds familiar? It's because I've previously ordered Kakiage Don -- kakiage rice bowl. Udon and don are very different words, though; take note. Anyways, since kakiage is mostly vegetables, I got me some karaage as well, plus that dessert thing I usually order -- which I and my colleagues refer to as almond jelly / annin doufu, but I just found out the cafeteria officially calls it miruku purin / milk pudding! Without the dessert, this meal would have been just under 500 yen. With it at 84 yen, this is all for 577 yen. It was a pretty good dinner.

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