07 October 2012

Bento! #94: Ebi Chiri Don


Ebi = shrimp. Chiri = chili (in this case, as in like using a Chinese/Asian-style sweet chili sauce). Don = you should know what this is by now ;-)

I guess this roughly translates to chili shrimp rice bowl. It's 398 yen from LOPIA, our local grocery store. But if you noticed there's a sticker with a red outline on top of the original label - it actually says it's half off. I guess they prepared this in the morning, no one has bought them yet (at around 5pm), and so they had to sell it soon so that it still tastes great. They also have 20% up to 70% off on all bento and other freshly made food items at around 15 minutes before closing time (i.e. at around 7:45pm). It went through a little bit of tumbling while it was riding home on the bicycle with me. There're also scrambled eggs in there and some negi / spring onions. There are 5 pieces of shrimps in some tempura-like coating. It was yummy, and for under 200 yen, this was quite good. If I got this at 398 yen, I'd say it's just fine, or maybe a little bit overpriced (as most things are). Obviously this isn't sufficient as a full meal for me; I had some reruns of stuff I've already previously blogged about.

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