01 October 2012

Chokoreeto! #1 and #2: Bourbon Almondrush + Glico Almond Peak

To start the new month, I'm starting a new series on the Japan! Japan! blog, and it's called "Chokoreeto" which is essentially Japanese for "chocolate." I'm not sure if I can sustain this series though, because I have to cut down on beans (including soy-based products and food extenders) and legumes (peas, etc.) and peanuts - but I'm not quite sure yet if I should likewise cut down on other kinds of nuts because they're not on this list of things that I should best avoid.

Anyways, here's a couple I picked up this week from the grocery, and well, they're two kinds with almonds. I usually get macadamia nut chocolates but those weren't available so, here we are. I usually take chocolates as an energy booster or a hunger buster in the morning for breakfast, late in the evening hours after dinner, or in-between meals. There is a huge selection of chocolates here in Japan - ever heard of Wasabi Kit-Kats and their many other variants? And some of the chocolates are only limited edition or seasonal. These two appear new to me, or at least their packaging seem to be new.

Bourbon (brand) Almondrush / ブルボン アーモンドラッシュ / burubon aamondo rasshu (above) and Glico (brand) Almond Peak (below).

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