07 October 2012

Chokoreeto! #3: Choko Baamu

I guess this is a Bourbon brand snack. The Japanese characters read "funwari choko baamu." Funwari, I believe, means fluffy. Choko is short for chokoreeto, chocolate, of course. Baamu is short for baamukuuhen / バームクーヘン, which is the Japanese form of baumkuchen (pronounced baum-coo-hen), a German word (and probably now also an English word) for the type of layered cake similar to the one in the photo above, except it's usually made in a donut-like shape that is then cut to pieces such that they become almost square/cube-like in shape and become easier to eat without having to use a knife and a fork. This type of cake is actually quite popular here in Japan. I even saw some being sold at the Narita departure area. I guess it's for the Japanese who might miss their dose of baum as they visit other countries. I am not sure though how baumkuchen tastes in other countries - like in Germany. But all the baumkuchen I've tasted here are quite yummy, this included. This one actually comes with two flavors; "choko" (chocolate, obviously) and "howaito" (white - white chocolate, I guess). I have two of these, one of each flavor, for breakfast together with coffee and a banana. Actually, I usually have chocolate chip cookies, but since there weren't any the last time I went to the grocery, I had to settle for this. But, like I said, they're yummy.

If you're staying in one place in Japan for more than a week, you should probably try their baumkuchen here. If not, I suggest you just try the more traditional Japanese fare.

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