15 October 2012


It's already the middle of October, and we're still able to wear T-shirts and shorts. We're more than 20 days away from summer already, which only means we're just about 70 days away from the official start of winter. I did sleep last night, for the first time this Autumn season, with a sweater on. While today was sunny and comfortable (with a high of about 25 degrees, mid-day), yesterday was cloudy and a little cold (with a high of only around 19 degrees).

Also, by the way, starting in September, the Yuyake Koyake song is now played here at 5pm, whereas during summer, it was played at 6pm. By November, it will be played at 4:30pm. Sunset now is at around 5 or 5:30pm. At the peak of summer, sunset is at around 7:45pm and sunrise at around 4am. Coming from a tropical country where temperatures and sunrise and sunset times are practically constant the whole year, I associate dusk with dinner time. By December, I would start feeling hungry at around 4pm already. But then, it might also just be because of the cold. :D

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