16 November 2012

Bento! #153: Chuuka Soba

A.K.A. "Ramen."  We tried the ramen at this restaurant beside another restaurant that was beside an "Electric Shop" (i.e. how they might call an electronics and appliances store).

There's usually a lot of people going to ramen restaurants by their lonesome, and they site at the bar,  which is typical of "ramen shops," i.e. ramen restaurants.

Here's my order, a 590 yen lunch set. Not bad, no? But wait, there's more! That's exclusive of 5% tax. So no, it's a little bit expensive. And that's a lot of soup. But it wasn't bad.

And the customary pitcher of water and mini tumblers.
If you're studying Nihongo, you probably know the words Chuugoku and Chuugokujin; China and a Chinese person. But Chuuka / 中華 actually means China, 中華人民共和国 / Chuukajinminkyouwakoku is actually the full official name of China, i.e. People's Republic of China, and Chuugoku / 中国 is actually more like P.R.O.C., i.e. an abbreviated form of China's full official name. And thus the, chuuka soba / Chinese noodles / ramen, chuukadon / Chinese-style rice bowl topped with chop suey vegetables.

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