17 November 2012

Bento! #155: Yakiniku!

The restaurant behind the tree is the place. View Larger Map.

I am not sure exactly of the name of the place. But I love the sauce. And well, everything. Would come back here again. It takes a lot, though, to eat enough (i.e. it was a little bit expensive -- and you have to do the cooking yourselves). It might be better to go to this other yakiniku restaurant downtown, called Fuu Fuu Tei, which has eat-all-you-can yakiniku / 焼肉 / やきにく / grilled meat.

Their special sauce. Looks like what we call in the Philippines as "sarsa,"
and more particularly "sarsa ng lechon," except this might also have some
sesame and miso added.

The grilling pot with charcoal. I forgot how this is called!

We had shirokoro / シロコロ / pork intestines, or "isaw" as
we call them in the Philippines, and 豚タン / buta tan, where buta = pork,
and tan = tongue.

And then there's buta nankotsu which is soft pork bone, and pork kalbi and
beef kalbi.

Yasai yaki / 野菜焼 / grilled veggies, the happy kind.

And finally we had tori momo / とりもも / chicken breast, chorisoo / チョリソー /
chorizo, and hatsu / ハツ / hearts? It's pork heart actually. And, it's quite good.
As you know, hearts are all muscle; i.e. all meat.

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