18 November 2012

Bento! #156: BK "King's Harvest" Burger with Pumpkin!

490 yen for a regular, "M" set; plus 100 yen for an "L" set, which I got -- 40 yen more expensive than the "L" upgrade at McDonald's. And I really thought this was like a Whopper or at least a Whopper Jr.-sized burger. It's just a regular burger. With pumpkin. I also ordered BK chicken tenders (テンダーズ / tendaazu), only 200 yen for 6ピース / roku piisu / 6 pieces, but it was yet to be delivered. I chose barbecue sauce (バーベキューソース / baabekyuu soosu) for the chicken.

And here's the burger.

And this is the burger a couple of bites in. Apparently, there's thin strips of bacon in there as well. Not crunchy, though.

Verdict: I won't have this again. It felt dry, too. I probably should have put more ketchup, because I almost didn't feel/taste the pumpkin (or the bacon) at all.

By the way, BK is celebrating 5 years in Japan such that, starting yesterday, they supposedly have this "Bi King" (バイキング / bai kingu, which is actually "viking," meaning smorgasbord, i.e. eat-all-you-can/buffet/tabehodai) "campaign" / special promo. I don't understand what it is exactly -- is it really a Whopper buffet? And for how much? The equivalent of a Whopper "L" set? Man, I can't miss this if it's a buffet for under 1,000 yen!

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