27 November 2012

Bento! #167: Frozen Karaage and Mikkusu Sarada

Mikkusu Sarada / ミックスサラダ / mixed salad, 98 yen from Lawson, with cabbage shreds, some lettuce, some carrots, some of those purple cabbages, and more cabbage shreds. For this meal, I ate 8 pieces of the frozen karaage, from a 1-kilogram bag for under 600 yen. It's also apparently sourced from Thailand. It's cheaper than the 1-kilogram bag of frozen fried chicken (mostly thigh parts that come with the bones, and flavored almost like KFC) that sells for under 700 yen, but it's also less meat and more fat and breading.

Here's my whole meal, which I is all for under 300 yen. I had shiizaa sarada doresshingu, and crushed black peppers and parmesan cheese for my salad, and some Japanese-style mayo for the karaage. I think the karaage are better fried than microwaved and "toasted." Oh, I also got me some cherry tomatoes from the supermarket. These are larger than the usual cherry tomatoes, and they're like 20 yen a piece. Yikes.

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