25 December 2012

Atsugi Catholic Church Filipino Community Christmas Party - Japan! Japan! #41 - YouTube

The Filipino church choir here at Atsugi Catholic Church (厚木カトリック教会 / Atsugi katorikku kyoukai) sang a classic Filipino Christmas song, "Ang Pasko ay Sumapit," during the Filipino and English-speaking community's Christmas party. Here's my rough translation of the lyrics:
Christmas has come.
Let us all be a-singing
beautiful melodies,
for God is love.
When Christ was born,
there were 3 kings who visited,
and each one of them
offered their own gifts.
The new year means a change for the better
so that our society becomes more joyful.
Let's work hard so that we can achieve abundance.
Let us sing
while the world is still.
The day has come
with the Child from Heaven.
Let us love each other,
and follow the Golden Rule.
And, from now on,
even when it's not Christmas, let us be giving.
Even when it's not Christmas, let us be giving.
Here are more photos I took on the day of the Christmas party:

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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