04 December 2012

Bento! #174: Fried stuff from the cafeteria, and Christmas tiramisu

Didn't get much sleep before taking this lunch, and I ended up with almost 750 yen worth of food. There's that pork katsu with mayoneezu, hamu katsu, chikin tatsuta something, and ebi furai (shrimp fry). The latter, fyi for those who don't know, is different from ebi tempura. I also got this boiled egg that's been in some kind of soy-sauce-looking sauce (though it wasn't so soy-sauce-salty). And I also got this I don't know what it is but they call it shuu kuriimu, or cream puff, with ice cream inside. And I also got this limited edition "Christmas tiramisu," which is the rather expensive item here, at 210 yen.

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