10 December 2012

Bento! #177: Oojii Biifu Don

Oojii biifu don / オージービーフ丼 = Aussie Beef Rice Bowl. Apparently with shariapin soosu / シャリアピンソース / Chaliapin sauce, which as they explained is a minced onion sauce. They also call it "grilled beef," but it doesn't really look like grilled beef to me. It's more like boiled beef strips. And it felt oily - may be it was fried? Here, the word "grilled" / yaki could mean either fire-grilled or teppan-"grilled" (which is more like pan-fried). Anyway, comparing this to the previous Aussie Fair meal I had, apparently it would seem to them that Australians would always have potato and broccoli to go with their beef. In this case, it's actually three star-shaped hashed browns (or ハッシュドポテト / hasshudo poteto / hashed potato to them). I got the "M" size don for 399 yen.

Exactly as advertised. It also has a generous sprinkling of black and white ground pepper.
And this is a delicious meal, I should say. Beef, it's what's for dinner.

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