12 December 2012

Bento! #178: Okonomi Nori Bentou

"Anything goes" lunch box. お好みのり弁当 / okonomi nori bentou, where okonomi is the same as in okonomiyaki or okonomi soosu (okonomi(yaki) sauce), and nori = the seaweed typically used for sushi. 430 yen from 3F and yummy.

Plus, I had a coupon to get a 600mL 16-leaf caffeine-free green tea (juu roku cha / 十六茶) for free with this purchase:

Anyways, in the bento you can see a sausage, a burger ball (it's supposed to be a hamburger patty, but it's so small, it's more like a meatball), and something that might be chikin katsu, and egg, and potato wedges.

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