27 December 2012

Bento! #189: "Roast Leg," Okra salad, Mitsuya Cider, and Asahi Super Dry Draft Beer (in Can)

I like Asahi beer, but last time I drank a regular can of it, I didn't really finish it all, so I decided to try this smaller can -- which is less than half the size but more than half the price. I also "discovered" this Mitsuya Cider thing -- a carbonated drink (sparkling water?) that I guess doesn't have as much caffeine as Pepsi or Coke. Mitsu means three, Ya means arrow, fyi. Mitsuya Cider is also by Asahi!

My dinner was rather expensive -- over 500 yen (with 1 pack of instant rice), though it's probably just under 500 yen because I finished only half of the okura. The roosuto reggu wasn't that big, too, and the whole meal didn't really feel enough for me, but I guess that's the effect of eating less rice.

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