29 December 2012

Bento! #191: Chikin Teriyaki Piza

Only ~220 yen at the OK Everyday Low Prices supermarket in downtown Atsugi, compared to the usual ~260 yen at Lopia supermarket in Atsugi Trellis. This one is made by Nippon Ham / ニッポンハム / nippon hamu. They also call this as piza / ピザ, not pittsa / ピッツァ, but the two mean the same thing. They also advertise that there are three kinds of "natural cheese" / nachuraru chiizu / ナチュラルチーズ in this thing, plus teriyaki sauce, of course, and, well, corn. Of course. I checked the ingredients, and apparently there's also some margarine / marugarin / マルガリン in there somewhere. But overall, it's quite a delicious but inexpensive meal.

Before cooking, you can see all the ingredients. Notice also the size of the actual pizza to the packaging.

And finally, the main event, scheduled for one 5-minute round of tumbling in my stomach. I toasted this for about 10 minutes with the teriyaki sauce. Then, I topped it with Tabasco, black peppers, and parmesan cheese, as usual.

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