08 January 2013

Bento! #197: Christmas chicken

One of the "Christmas traditions" in Japan (and mind you, it's not at all a religious thing here), is the Christmas chicken. Guess who introduced this "tradition" to Japan.

It's KFC!

At Lawson, there was a 20 yen discount on 140 yen yakitori (grilled chicken) and fried chicken they were selling. I got three different kinds at 3F instead: juicy fried chicken, juicy spicy chicken, and chicken steak.

My full meal. I also got me some "spicy" freshly pickled cucumbers.

This is the "chicken steak" / chikin suteeki / チキンステーキ.

This is the "juicy spicy (fried) chicken" / juushii supaishii (furaido) chikin / ジューシースパイシー(フライド)チキン.

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