30 January 2013

Bento! #218: "W Modan (Soosu Yakisoba)"

398 yen from 3F.
I don't know what's up with the Japanese and "W". I've seen "W" in a lot of dishes here so far. And until today, I didn't really know what "modan / モダン" means. But can you guess? :D

Modan means "modern!" :D  Anyways, while the label says yakisoba, this looks more like okonomiyaki-topped yakisoba. But indeed, inside the okonomiyaki are even more yakisoba! Also, the sauce is okonomi sauce. But yeah, it's used on yakisoba too. As well as mayonnaise.


  1. That looks and sounds delicious :P

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    1. It is delicious, although for someone like myself who's cutting down on carbs, this is a lot of carbs! Anyways, thanks for reading and commenting and I'll check out your blog soon. :)