03 April 2013

Bento! #265: Fried Xiao Long Bao

510 yen for 6 pieces of this 上海名物 / shanhai meibutsu / Shanghai specialty that's sold at this small store in Machida, Tokyo. And about a 15 minute wait?

Almost there!

They are worth the wait.

Basically, there's (very) hot soup inside, so you have to pierce a hole first to sip the soup out. But you have to be really, really careful because it's really, really hot.

 But it's all worth it. Here's another photo. I'd buy another set again.

On our way home, we saw this tea grinder in a specialty tea shop. The aroma was just great. And this process, interesting. Didn't buy anything from there though. Just took a photo. :D

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