13 April 2005


E, watashi-wa Ronjie tomo shimasu. Soshte, kon konyobi Piripin-kara Nihon-e ikimasu. Piripin-jin desu, soshte Nihongo-ga sukushi wakarimasu, Nihongo-o sukushi hanashimasu, soshte mada jozu ja arimasen! Wakarimashita ka?

Hehe. I hope my Japanese was okay. "E" is the short form of "Hai" which means "Yes." The above paragraph translates to:

Yes, I am called Ronjie. And, this Friday, I'm going to Japan from the Philippines. I'm a Filipino and I understand only a little Japanese, speak a little Japanese, and I'm not skilled yet! Did you understand?

Basically, on April 15 I will be going to Japan, specifically to the satellite city of Atsugi in Kanagawa prefecture... Alright, Atsugi is to Tokyo, what Los Banos, Laguna is to Manila. A prefecture is much like a province, except that... Well politically it's a little different, I guess. Just as a Barangay is different from a Subdivision or Village, even though some Barangay dwellers call their Barangay as Village. For example... Barangay Pagasa could become Pagasa Village!

I plan to post a thousand words per post in this blog... In short, I plan to post PICTURES! In short, I am only PLANNING... So don't be EXPECTING. ;-)

Jaa mata!

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