23 April 2010

"Busy" Day

Nothing much happened today, except what would later become "usual" things - lunch at Cafeteria #2 where the lunch food is sold by weight.  Packed dinner from the school store.  I spoke with some of the professors briefly today about a few minor things, like a journal short note I might be co-writing soon, and taking up classes in another field (environmental) of wind engineering (I am taking up structural wind engineering).

For the rest of the day I was sort of tidying up my presentation for tomorrow.  We are allotted just 25 minutes, including the question and answer portion, but my presentation was 66 slides already!  I since reduced it to 44.  Hope I can fit it within 25 minutes.

I had a tuna salad for dinner (along with a main dish with rice) and bought a JPY 20 pack of salad dressing, which tasted like Italian dressing (my favorite!), although it had a drawing of an eggplant on the packaging.

The best thing that happened last night was a one-hour Skype date with Mara.  Love it!  :-)

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