23 April 2010


I remember just now one thing "new" and a little interesting that happened today.  Last Wednesday I received an "undelivered mail" notice in the mail.  Apparently it was registered mail so I had to be home when it gets delivered, but that was not the case.  So with the help of Ando-san, one of the secretaries helping us out, we scheduled the delivery for Friday evening, sometime between 7-9pm.  The postman arrived around 7:45pm, I think.  He was trying to speak Japanese to me at first but later it became apparent to him that I couldn't understand much Japanese so he spoke to me in English.  And he was quite fluent at it; his accent was even very easy to understand.  I wonder if they are trained to speak in English specially for these situations?  Anyway, I received my health insurance card in the mail; much like a PhilHealth card.  Great!  Next to arrive as registered mail (maybe sometime next week) is my ATM card.  Yay!

Anyways, if you will notice, although these April 23rd posts are dated April 23, I actually wrote them and posted them April 24 noontime already.  Yikes!  When busy times come, this is usually how it's going to be.  That was the same case in my previous Japan stint; I'd have days when my blog post title was "Busy day" and the post itself just says "It was a busy day today."  Oh boy.  Actually now, I have to start to do some reading and studying already.  Here we go! :-)

Jaa mata!