30 April 2010

Class Day

Today is class day.  I had two classes in a row, from 9:30-12:30 this morning.  Interesting topics, both.  Duh, almost anything wind engineering is interesting to me!  Ehehe. :-D

Anyways, right after that I went to the bank in Hon-Atsugi (or downtown Atsugi) to exchange my USD ("Amerika-no Doru") to JPY ("Nihon-no En"; the Japanese for "Yen" is "En," except after a word that ends in "n" like "san"/"three" or "sen"/"thousand.").  I thought it would only take a few minutes; I got back to TPU at past 3pm already!  That's inclusive of taking lunch in Hon-Atsugi, and a 20 minute or so wait for the bus, because I was one minute too late for the previous one!

And I went to have my registration finalized - I'm registered I think in 6 courses, each 2 credits/units each.  Tough schedule.  But 4 of those 6 courses might not have classes until next semester, or might not have classes at all. :-D  The one class I attended this morning is actually not a credited class, but of course I attend because learning is one thing I'm here for anyway.  Doing (and learning) research work is another thing.  Oh, and I'm also registered for the Japanese language (Nihon-go) class, which is also not credited.  I attend of course to improve my Japanese language skills, as well as to bond with my colleagues.

Anyways, at around 6pm, we decided to continue the FIBA Asia Friendly Matches, this time it was P+J and K+C.  We didn't finish our game because the Volleyball and Futsal clubs were going to use the gym.  Oh well.  I knew I was exhausted from yesterday, and I thought I could still play today.  I didn't play like yesterday and I really felt the muscle pains.  I hope to rest tomorrow morning while my Heart attends Nihongo class. :-D

On my way to Hon-Atsugi, I noticed the bus was full and unexpectedly so, at least for me.  Usually around lunch break, not too many people would be leaving TPU already.  And then when I got back to TPU, it was just around 3pm but the line for the bus was very long already.  It usually isn't like that not until around 5pm or so.  As I walked around, I noticed there were very few people roaming around campus.  Ah, I realized tonight was the start of the 5-day long weekend here.  Great!

Not so much for me though; I think I'll need to do a lot of studying during the holidays.  I have to finish a report, read a chapter of this book about the atmospheric boundary layer (partial differential equations, momentum fluxes, tensors, and Kronecker deltas, anyone?), start to do some literature survey for my research topic, read about global warming and stuff because there will be discussion in class next week, and so on.

Oh, there is one good news for today: I got my old "new," broken and now repaired PC back.  My initial diagnosis was correct, it was the memory.  But now I am afraid to "commit" to this PC; what if it conks out again?  Yikes.  Goodbye LeopardXP and FlyakiteOSX.  ;-D  I need to be a little bit more careful now.  And I guess I should include my computer in my daily prayers!!!

Anyways, I already bought today my lunch and dinner ulam for tomorrow.  I might just have sardines during lunch time, in addition to the side veggies I bought.  I need to save money!  According to my calculations, I have enough only until June 18.  My first "payday" (when I can first receive allowance) is not until June 21!  Gulp.  And that doesn't include any payments for utilities and so on, that I need to make.  I really need to eat my sardines now.  And cook my own rice.  :-D  And no more travels!  Gulp.  And hmmm, I wonder if I can still buy a Japanese cellphone line and handset.  I think I could really use one in case of emergency!

Actually it is also difficult because not too many establishments accept credit cards here.  They are generally a cash society, which I think is a good thing in itself.  But of course, credit cards have their merits, if you know how to use them properly.  Usually only the Western-style hotels accept credit cards.  Well, I hope to find credit card-accepting stores soon!

The last resort is sending money to myself.  But the remittance or wire transfer costs are just too large.  And that's why it's the last resort.  Speaking of "last resort," I haven't been to Boracay since 2002!  :-D  The weather is becoming more and more pleasant each day.  It is generally sunny today, but the temperature was still very cool.  Or maybe I didn't wear enough layers of clothes.  High is 23 degrees, low is 10 degrees.  Feels like Baguio.  Love it!  Come Monday and Tuesday, the predicted high is at 25 or 26 degrees, and the lows might be at 15 or 17 degrees.  I love springtime.  Same temperature as autumn but, spring leads to summer!  Nevermind that Akino, the Romaji for my family name, means autumn fields.  :-D

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