29 April 2010

FIBA Asia Friendly Match

"Bas... ket... ball......"  You know that song?  I feel like singing it now.  I just played bas... ket... ball....

Anyways, it was so fun!  I love basketball.  We played 4 games for about an hour, of 2-on-2 basketball.  Philippines + China vs. Korea + Japan.  Our P+C combo was in the lead early, but we fell 0-2 in games against the K+J team.  We quickly got win #1, but with a minor injury in the K+J team, we easily got win #2 as well.  The "series" was tied at 2-2.

I hope I could play ball regularly!

Anyways, prior to basketball, things I did today were:

1. Cooked my own rice, and ate it for lunch then for dinner.
2. Ate food I bought last night from the konbinii (convenience store) for lunch.
3. Went to downtown Atsugi, to this hotel that provides currency exchange services, hoping that they would exchange my USD to JPY.  I only have a few JPY left!  Yikes!  I should've exchanged all the USD I had at the airport.  Anyways, of course they wouldn't exchange my USD to JPY.  I am not a guest at their hotel.  It's "Showa Day," a national holiday today here in Japan so banks are closed.  Start counting down my JPY to zero.  Tomorrow, my morning is full, with two lectures from 9:30-12:30; hence if ever I can only go to the bank in the afternoon.  I hope they don't close early!  I've been trying to look around for people who might need USD - like people who will go to the US, and so on.  No luck so far.  Some said I could borrow money anyway.  That will be my 3rd option.
4. I took a look at this store called "OK," with a tagline that goes "Everyday Low Prices."  From the sound of it, it might be something like K-Mart or SM's Hypermart.  It's just a normal grocery, food and other household items.  I wasn't going to buy anything but I can't find the exit except through the crowded checkout lanes.  So what the heck, I bought some food to eat for dinner.  They tasted great by the way, so no regrets about having to buy food there! :-)

And that's about it.  I feel tired, obviously, but I hope I can wake up early tomorrow.  Or, suffer the consequences...... :-D

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