06 May 2010

Class Day!

3 classes in a row today.  This will be today only, hopefully.  But it was fun.

Thankfully the 9:30am class (which is only actually a make-up session for our Friday class) was postponed to 1:20pm.  The good news is, no classes tomorrow!

But what happened was I had class from 11:00 to 12:30, then lunch, then 1:20 to 2:50, then 3:00 to 4:00.  It was very tight.  Anyhow, had lunch at Cafeteria 2 (by the pound lunch) - I love it there.  More for less.  And...  My 3rd class was actually my Nihongo (Japanese language) class!  It was the first time I attended; it was a fun class.  Everyone gets to participate!

I learned what wind engineering is in Japanese: kaze kougaku.  Watashino senmon desu.  (It is my major.)

Anyways, I learned a lot too, and was able to practice my Japanese numbers from ichi to sen (1 to 1000).  One interesting fact: the former capital that preceded the current Tokyo is Musashi, which encompasses Tokyo and parts of Saitama and Kanagawa, and which is somewhat an abbreviation for 6-3-4 (mu, san, shi) = the total height in meters of the currently under-construction Tokyo Sky Tree.  Last we checked it was around 350m tall already.  Yup, "six" is either "roku," "mu," or "mutsu," and "four" is either "yon," or "shi."  But of course, "roku" and "yon" are the commonly used translations.  My birth year is sen kyu hyaku nana ju nana.  Exciting!

Anyways, our Nihongo-no-sensei (Japanese language professor) commented that this year, there is no Spring.  From winter, it turned into summer immediately.  Yikes!  Well actually it still feels like spring, but yeah, it got a little warm the past couple of days but maybe only because Someone wanted the Japanese and tourists here to enjoy the long holiday weekend.

Anyways...  I feel so tired already.  I ran 1 km / 10 minutes on the treadmill, did some weights, shoot some hoops...  Ayayay.  Wellp, no class tomorrow, but I have to go to the city hall to pick up my alien registration card.  Until next time... :-)

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  1. Anyways. I remember a cartoon character named Musashi. I just don't remember which cartoon he was from. :D