05 May 2010


Nope, I'm not talking about the denim brand.

Instead, these are the things of today that are very similar from yesterday.

1. It's a holiday.
2. Woke up a little late. (Though not as late as yesterday.)
3. Had late breakfast. (Bread and cheese instead of oatmeal.)
4. Had late lunch. (Today I had really late lunch; I didn't have an appetite early enough.)
5. Did some school work: reading, literature searching, and organizing files.
6. Went by bus to Atsugi Trellis to buy food at the grocery store.  (I forgot to buy bananas and cheese yesterday!  Oh and I didn't buy sushi today.)
7. Got home past 8pm already. (Though today I walked from AT; it was a 20 minute walk.  I saved 170 yen, and even beat the bus, which comes at 30 minute intervals on Sundays and public holidays.
8. Steam-cooked salmon, pechay (bok choi? pek chai?), and carrots, and heated my pre-cooked rice, and ate all of that.

Yikes, the days when short blog posts (with subject: "Busy day," and body: "I was so busy today I couldn't write anything new on my blog.") are near!  Yikes!

P.S. Today I noticed that there's a perforation on the label of the apple-juice-in-a-plastic-bottle I was drinking.  So I checked my guide on how to dispose of garbage, and apparently I should separate the label, and the cap from the bottle.  Labels and caps go into the recyclable plastics group, and plastic (PET only) bottles go into their own group.  Bottles should be at least rinsed.  I don't like having to organize my trash this much!  Oh well.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  I wonder if they are so strict.

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