14 May 2010

Class... then... BASUKETOBORU!

Class.  Then lunch at the by-the-pound cafeteria.  Then a little bit of studying and stuff.  Then...

Basketball!  We played 3 games and here are the teams:

Game 1:
  Team 1 - Korea+Japan*+Italy** (Win)
  Team 2 - Philippines+China+India

Game 2:
  Team 1 - Korea+China+India***
  Team 2 - Philippines+China****+India (Win)

Game 3 (did not finish):
  Team 1 - Korea+China****
  Team 2 - Philippines+China (Leading 7-5)

* The player from Japan was replaced by the player from China****.
** The player from Italy is a girl!  She knows how to play.
*** This player from India is a little bit shorter than the other player from India.  Both players from India are beginners in the game of basketball.
**** This player from China is taller than the other player from China.

Then after, I had a nice meal for only 500 yen at the old cafeteria.  A torikatsu (fried breaded chicken) meal that comes with veggies, I had another dish of veggies, miso soup, and rice of course.  :-)

Summary of the day so far: F. U. N.

Then when I got back to my desk, all the Chinese students gathered around one of the Chinese students - who was showing videos from his wedding ceremony late last month!  It was a typical Chinese wedding, based on many Chinese traditions, but of course modernized already.  It started early in the morning, there were lots of gift-giving (via what we Filipinos call "ang-paw", those red Chinese envelopes with money inside), fireworks, carrying the bride two flights of stairs up, and photo ops for the families and so on, etc.  And they also had pre-nup pix!  Very, very, very interesting.

So what do I call a day that has been so fun already...  and then it's topped off by another fun and interesting thing?

Indeed, indeed: thank God it's Friday!  God bless everyone!  :-)

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