13 May 2010


Let me see.  Today was Nihongo class day.  The rest of the day was all about studying and reading.  Interesting thing was...  Now I know how to count from one to one trillion in Japanese! :-)  Other than that, today there was some kind of fire evacuation drill and so the old cafeteria is closed the whole day.  But of course we usually eat at the new cafeteria (the by-the-pound lunch).  No basketball or gym today.  Yikes, no exercise today, other than the walking around campus and the apartment!  But anyways, I'm excited about the weekend, because I am planning to go to Yamada Denki (Yamada Electrical/Electronics store) to buy a webcam.  Denki means electric, I think.  The Japanese do not have a word for "electronic," I think.  So you would hear them say "I will go to the electrical shop to buy an mp3 player."

Oh, and today was... not rainy.  Yay!  Although yesterday's forecast for today is rainy.  Nay!  Yes, people.  PAGASA is doing just fine.  If you're not a meteorologist or didn't study meteorology, don't put the blame on them if they go wrong.  In Taiwan as well, I heard that one time recently their meteorological agency made a forecast that a typhoon will pass through one of their populated cities, so they had schools and businesses closed, and everyone "safely" at home.  Then the typhoon went 90km off from their forecast path.  The US as well was not ready for Hurricane Katrina.  Don't be too harsh on your own.

The forecast for tomorrow here is rainy as well.  Let's see what happens. Ja ashita ne.

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