12 May 2010

Class, Bike, Basketball

Got to my desk around 10:30am, and was just in time for my class at 11:00am.  The class was interesting - actually it was more of a discussion rather than a lecture.  We talked about this and this.  Very interesting indeed.

There are two of us students there, the other a Japanese who speaks and understands little English.  But we had some common opinions, probably being both human and Asian.  But Japan being developed and the Philippines developing was probably the difference.  One particular difference in situation is that in Japan, the birth rate is going down and the population is probably decreasing.  It is the opposite in the Philippines...

Anywho, since class ended at 12:30pm, and since my usual lunch buddies eat at 12pm, I ate lunch at the by-the-pound cafeteria by myself.  Not so bad.  Today my lunch was just around 700yen.  My lowest priced by-the-pound lunch cost me only around 650yen.  My most expensive by-the-pound lunch was probably 850yen.  Right now my budget is just 800yen per meal.  It was a good meal as usual.  I had my usual share of leafy veggies.  I just don't like that a lot of the meat are fried and with breading, therefore meaning it uses eggs.  Cholesterol.  I should really get a stove and steamer soon.  I don't plan on using my rice cooker for steaming again because the fishy-oily smell from the steamed fish clings to the rice cooker's pot!

Aside from a stove and steamer, I also plan to buy a bike when I get my first "salary" (basically my subsistence allowance) and when I know I have enough money for my basic needs.  But actually today...  I now have a bike to use!  Not my bike, I just borrowed it.  I rode it around tonight.  It is a pleasure to ride in a bike.  Problem is, I'll have less walking exercise around the area now.  I should just make sure now to play basketball or do some running more regularly.  But actually, it's just a 5-minute walk including a 4-storey climb up some stairs to get from my apartment to my desk.  I plan to use my bike only though to go to Atsugi Trellis, where the nearest grocery is.  But I also plan to explore Atsugi more with my bike, as well as go to some other stores which I haven't gone to by myself before, like the Yamada electronics store, where I also plan to buy later a webcam so that I can make video calls from my school computer.  The only problem with going there is, my place as well as the school is on top of a hill so going there is no problem, I'll just be cruising down the slope.  The problem is going back.  Oh well, part of the exercise.  Or of course I could just walk up the slope.

Well that's about it.  I really like riding the bike.  And so much more in this weather.  Oh, I played basketball. The "kompyang" unfortunately put us two taller guys together in one team, and the not-so-tall guys on the other team.  So it was not so competitive but it was still fun.  Basuketoboru ga daisuki desu.  I love basketball. :-D

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