11 May 2010

Workshop... Cocktails!

As mentioned yesterday, today is workshop day.  A technical tour of TPU research facilities (i.e. various wind tunnel testing facilities) was held in the morning, then a buffet lunch, then the workshop proper, then continuation of the technical tour, then cocktails (stand-up dinner), then...  Here I am.  Full.  Drank a little bit of Asahi beer :-D

Fun, fun, fun.  It is fun to learn.  :-D

For dinner there was lots of sushi, and lots of fruits.  I ate a lot of those because they are much more expensive here in Japan (comparing to prices in the Philippines).  And, long day for me, but, these few words just about sum it up.  It was rainy the whole day, but it wasn't such a bother. :-)  Tomorrow is class day (just one class), and studying day. :-D

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