31 May 2010

The miracles never end...

Today I prepared beef tapa marinate!

And...  I got to taste really good real Japanese food.  I was thinking I was getting tired of Japanese food already but after tasting Japanese food at this place called...  Yikes, I forgot.  Ootaya?  ...in Meguro, I realized the only type of Japanese food I've been taking is school cafeteria food, frozen ready-to-heat-then-eat food, and actually not much of convenience store food anymore, which tastes a lot better (though a little more expensive than cafeteria or frozen food).

Anyways, my day started out getting up a little late to catch the bus, which again on Sundays, comes only every 30 minutes.  So I rode the bike to Atsugi Trellis, half-way to the Hon-Atsugi station, and where there are more buses available.

And then back to Meguro church, and then to... Ootaya? ...It was Prof Germar's birthday and he treated us out - there were 4 of us who had lunch together.  Prof Germar and I also had a glass of Kirin Beer each.

Then we went to Musashi-Koyama shopping street.  It was basically an old street that was renovated to be pedestrian-friendly, complete with a translucent roof that protects from rain but still provides some daylight on the street.  And it was like 5 or more blocks long of shops.  There were 2 100-yen stores along the street.  McDonald's, KFC - the usual.  Supermarkets, grocery stores, shoe stores, bags, fashion, toys, books, "recycled" (2nd hand) goods, a sauna....  Yup, a sauna.  Kinda out of place, eh?

And then back home.  Well, back to Atsugi Trellis first, to pick up my bike and ride it home.  It was a difficult ride home.  I was so tired...

Then I had Picadillo for dinner!  Yum.

And I felt even more tired after eating dinner!  I ate so much.  Yum.  Yesterday I thought it was too salty, and it still is but it turned out fine, if eaten with rice.  Also I thought I should've put pepper, but it still turned out just fine.  I love Filipino food!

While I was heating my dinner, I marinated some thin slices of beef in beef tapa marinate, the recipe for which I got from this website: http://www.pinoyrecipe.net/filipino-beef-tapa-recipe-cured-beef/.

I'm excited to have Tapsilog on Tuesday morning. :-)

...Except it's not going to be the usual Tapsilog.  Instead of Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog, it will just be Tapa-Sinaing-Itlog. :-D

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