31 May 2010


Today might just be the typical day.  Woke up around 7:30 due to my alarm.  Got up 9:30am. :-D

Had coffee and milk+cereals and banana for breakfast.  Lunch was at the by-the-pound cafeteria.  Dinner was...  Picadillo and rice.  And banana.  :-)  Yummy.

School work the whole day.  Actually I was preparing for my discussion meeting with Prof. Tamura tomorrow.  I prepared a 14-pager document!  This is basically what I've been trying to brew for the past month or so.

And...  that's it.  Yikes, I should cook my marinated beef tapa tomorrow morning!

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  1. Oh wait, I did my clothes-folding and storing away this morning. Tiring, it is... And I am not yet doing any ironing!